02 October 2022

Post Prize #5: Embarrassing Thinking

This month, we’re asking contestants to write about a big-picture question or confusion about the world that you’re normally embarrassed to ask about. (E.g., Why are first-past-the-post voting systems most common? Why are cats and dogs the most common household pets? Why is Shakespeare considered great literature?) Dig into the “whys” behind your question, without trusting traditional answers or simple explanations. You could do it in the style of a Minimal Trust Investigation, where you suspend your trust in others and attempt to dig into your question from first principles.  

Prize: We’ll award $1000 to the most outstanding pieces

Deadline: Opens October 1st, Closes October 31th

How to submit: When you have finished your piece, tweet a link to it and tag and follow our Twitter, @effective_ideas. If you’re not on Twitter, email it to nickwhitaker@effectiveideas.org with the subject line Post Prize #5. Looking forward to reading them!