02 October 2022

Post Prize #4: Results

Post prize #4 winners

We’re excited to announcing the winners of Post Prize #4. We asked for reviews of Will MacAskill’s new book, What We Owe the Future, which was released on August 16th. The book has made a large splash in the media and in blogs, beginning an important discussion about what we can do to improve the future. Here are our awards for the best reviews:

My Take on What We Owe the Future by elifland

This post argues that What We Owe the Future does not give a clear sense of longtermists’ priorities. Specifically, Eli argues that MacAskill underestimates AI risk and is not clear that preventing harm from transformative AI is currently the foremost longtermist priority. We particularly admired how much useful and actionable discussion this review generated on the EA Forum, including a thanks from MacAskill himself. 

If not you then who by Isabel

Isabel writes about What We Owe the Future from a personal perspective. She writes that she typically likes to embrace the present, so can have trouble thinking about the future. But when she read the book, examples like the dropping glass on a hiking trail helped change her relationship to time: ”This book makes the future personal.” She also highlights and comments on her favorite passages from the book, ending with how the book changed her mind. 

Honorable mentions 

We enjoyed Michael Noetel’s concise, highly readable, review for The Conversation and Bessie O’Dell’s thoughtful review which discusses who should read the book. We also liked this review series by Hamish Doodles, which incorporates his sketches and takes on ideas in the book from a number of angles.

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