20 October 2022

October Blog Prizes Updates and Announcement

Effective Ideas Blog Prize October Updates and Announcements

Effective Ideas Team

We have a few updates to the blog prize contest we would like to share.

First, we originally announced that we would aim to award prizes within 2022. We now expect to award, at most, two prizes within 2022, and the contest will continue running in 2023. Don’t be afraid to jump in, even if you haven’t started a blog yet.

Second, based on the interest in the contest from young writers, we will be dividing one of the $100,000 prizes into five prizes of $20,000. This will allow us to recognize young writers who show promise but do not meet our bar to be a full prize winner. 

Third, we have some advice on what we would like to see from contestants before the major prizes are awarded:

  • So far, many entries have had insufficient engagement with the topics we think are of utmost importance. These include: the long term trajectory of humanity, preventing existential risk, and the use of reason and evidence to do good. We advise entrants to dive deeper into these topics. 
  • On a similar note, we’re watching for bloggers who generate and develop new, important ideas. 
  • Finally, we are excited to see bloggers cultivate themselves as important voices in the discourse, even becoming public intellectuals. We advise entrants to create a larger conversation about their writing, be that on Twitter, via a podcast, in discussion forums, etc. 


Thanks for reading, and best of luck!

The Effective Ideas team