01 September 2022

Blog Prize Digest: August

Just a quick update this month, as we’re giving two months to submit entries for Post Prize #4, for the best review of Will MacAskill’s What We Owe the Future.


Some of our favorites from the blogroll


Nick Bostrom is one of the most important philosophers in Effective Altruism and longtermism. Radio Bostrom highlights the his essential work, including “Letter from Utopia” (2008) and “The Vulnerable World Hypothesis” (2019), alongside a general introduction to Nick Bostrom’s thought. It is all available in audio form read by professional narrators. Give it a listen to learn more.
Radio Bostrom

Julian Hazell, an MSc student at Oxford, is writing a new blog about AI governance, global poverty, and more. We’ve already been impressed by his first post, “We are still in triage.” Make sure to check out his Twitter, too.
Blogger Dwarkesh Patel writes for the EA Forums on a paper from Tyler John and William MacAskill that proposes methods for governments to become more longtermist. Patel coins the term ‘State Capacity Longtermism’ and makes a distinction between medium-termism and longtermism. This forum post is an interesting addition to Dwarkesh’s regular blogging at The Lunar Society. Make sure to check out his podcast too, where he’s interviewed Sam Bankman-Fried, Will MacAskill, Tyler Cowen, and more.
Evaluation of Longtermist Institutional Reform – EA Forum

Post Prize #4
Continuing from August, Post Prize #4 will be for the best review of Will MacAskill’s What We Owe the Future. The book is MacAskill’s case for longtermism, the view that positively influencing the longterm future is a key moral priority of our time. The book addresses a host of fascinating topics like artificial intelligence, pandemics, global conflict, stagnation, population ethics, and much more. Order it here. Can’t afford a copy but want to compete in our review contest? Shoot us a Twitter DM and we will send you a copy.
We will be awarding prizes for the best reviews – positive or critical – of the book. Because the book comes out on August 16th, this contest will extend over the next two months, conclusion September 30th,
Prize: We’ll award $1000 to the most outstanding pieces
Deadline: Opens August 2nd, What We Owe the Future is released August 16th, and the prize will close September 30th.
How to submit: When you have finished your piece, tweet a link to it and tag and follow our Twitter, @effective_ideas. If you’re not on Twitter, email it to nickwhitaker@effectiveideas.org with the subject line Post Prize #3. Looking forward to reading them!